Front of pack nutrition labelling

What does a nutritionist or dietitian need to know about the NEW front of pack nutrition labelling ?

Three things you need to know

1. New approach to the look of FoP

The scheme combines the use of red, amber and green colour coding and percentage reference intakes, alongside the amounts of energy, fat, saturated fat (saturates),sugars and salt in a defined portion of food.

2. Criteria for amber fat changed

Take a look at the new criteria and compare them with the previous FSA criteria













The amber fat criteria is reduced from 20g/100g to 17.5g/100g

3. Sugars changed now total sugars and criteria changed

Finally take a look at sugars, there has been a lot of debate about how sugars, the green, amber and red colour coding is based completely on total sugars. This is in line with FIC. When there are no added sugars in a food a claim ‘with no added sugars’ can be added along with ‘contains naturally occurring sugars’.

Hope this helps you focus on the changes. For more technical information you can read the technical guidance.

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