Project evaluation

Clients who need robust project evaluation are invited to talk to ring the Nutrition and Wellbeing office. Evaluation is part of the feedback cycle so that programmes, projects and other activities can improve. We use a range of quantitative and qualitative evaluation techniques to provide results; the specific techniques used depend on the needs of the client. For example when a project has a rigid structure the evaluation tends to be designed to catch data from each part of the project; on the other hand for projects with agreed outcomes but a softer structure we would want to find out more about the project; and to use quantitative and qualitative evaluation techniques that match the design.

Three examples of projects that have been evaluated:

Cook and Taste : Kensington & Chelsea PCT

Let’s Cook! : National Cooking Programme : National Federation of Women’s Institutes and The Food Standards Agency

Healthy Dragons: Lifestyle programme: Rhondda, Cynon, Taff LHB