Welcome to LabelWise™: Traffic Light nutrition labelling

Are you are interested in your health but confused by front of pack labelling?  You are not alone.

The front of pack labels on your food are designed to help you make healthy choices, but they don’t always do that. LabelWise provides you with simple to understand Traffic Light nutrition labelling at the touch of a button.

Does nutrition labelling confuse you?

Nutrition labelling can be confusing, one reason is that there are two types of nutrition labelling, Traffic Lights and Guideline Daily Amounts, these are often known as GDAs. Both these types of nutrition labelling are used by supermarkets, and food manufacturers, and having these 2 different types of label to look at is confusing.  Nutrition labelling has been made even more confusing because some supermarkets, and manufacturers, are using front of pack Traffic Light Labelling, some using Guideline Daily Amounts and some are using a combination of both. This means that until now there has been no clear approach to nutrition labelling, and no way of comparing foods like-for-like, LabelWise changes that.

LabelWise makes nutrition labelling clear

Traffic Light labels

By using LabelWise you can:

  • Find your favourite cereal or ready meal and the Traffic Light label for that food will appear instantly
  • You can create a LabelWise shopping list of foods that you eat with Traffic Lights
  • You can search for the food that any member of your family eats, you can create a LabelWise shopping list for them or you can just tell them how healthy or unhealthy the food they are eat is, if you prefer!
  • You can compare the Traffic Light  information on the same food from different manufacturers e.g. Corn Flakes from Tesco and Kellogg’s

Guideline Daily Amounts

LabelWise can also look up your Guideline Daily Amounts

  • Find your favourite cereal or ready meal and the Traffic Light label with the Guideline Daily Amounts for that food will appear instantly
  • You can choose the sex and age of the person that you want the Guideline Daily Amounts to apply to. Confused? Checkout our guide to Guideline Daily Amounts 
  • You can create a LabelWise shopping list of foods that you eat with Traffic Light label with  Guideline Daily Amounts

If you want to understand a little more Traffic Light labelling or Guideline Daily Amounts read our guide to Traffic Light labelling or to Guideline Daily Amounts.

You can use LabelWise to find the Traffic Light Labelling for food at the touch of a button. This unique product has been designed and produced with simplicity in mind by a reputable dietitian/nutritionist and her team.

At Nutrition and Wellbeing we set out to simplify nutrition labelling for you, to make it understandable. We have collected information on the nutrition content of a wide range of food products e.g. breakfast cereals, ready meals. For every food product we have calculated the Traffic Light labelling so that all you have to do is to search for the food that you usually eat and the food label will appear instantly.

Labelwise looks great

All the foods that you find using LabelWise are presented in the same way that you are used to seeing on front of pack labelling

So what can LabelWise do for you?

Designed with simplicity in mind you can use LabelWise to find the Traffic Light Labelling and GDAs for food with the touch of a button, giving you nutrition information that is easy to understand at a glance.

With LabelWise finding nutrition information is as easy as one, two, three.

1. You chose the foods that you eat,

2. Add them to your shopping list

3. Print your shopping list

You will be presented with the Traffic Lights for that food.

You can keep putting food on your shopping list until you have finished shopping. Once you have finished shopping you can check out. Best of all you can print off the Traffic Lights that are on your personal shopping list so that you can keep them in your kitchen or even put the list in your pocket and take it shopping with you.

The team behind LabelWise™

Sue Lloyd, Director at Nutrition and Wellbeing is a Registered Dietitian who has worked extensively on food labelling, and  appeared on TV as an expert in ‘What’s in your Breakfast Cereal’ – Dispatches  and Embarrassing Bodies. With years of experience working for reputable agencies such as the Food Standards Agency and the School Food Trust Sue and the team have the knowledge and skills to ensure that the information in LabelWise is accurate and useful in helping you eat healthily.