One in every six meals in Britain is eaten away from the home.  What we eat in cafés, fast food outlets, restaurants and pubs has a major impact on our health and wellbeing. The UK Healthy Food Code of Good Practice and the government Food Matters Report identified that the public want to see easy-to-use information about what is in the food they eat.

In order to support this change some catered food suppliers are beginning to provide nutrition information on the meals they serve. To support this initiative, Nutrition and Wellbeing has created a bespoke service called MenuWise™.

MenuWise™ supports Caterers and Restaurateurs to provide calories on the menu. For Caterers and Restaurateurs who want to add value to their customers nutrition experience MenuWise™ can also provide accurate nutrition information, Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs) and / or traffic light labelling for all meals and drinks.

What services do we provide?

Bespoke Consultation for Caterers and Restaurateurs

Recipe analysis

Advice and support to modify menus, recipes or menu items so that they are healthier for your customers

We can analyse your menus, evaluate and provide alterations of ingredients to meet different dietetic guidelines and present the data in an easy to use format. Presentation of nutrition information is based on your needs. Presentation can be Calories only, or the Big 4 nutrientsthe Big 8 nutrientsGuideline Daily Amounts (GDAs), and traffic lights. Nutrition information can also be provided in a bespoke format for your restaurant or food outlet.

We provide free quotations for this service. To get in touch ring +44 (0)20 8241 3904 / +44 (0)78 1787 4835 or email at

Training for Caterers and Restaurateurs

Calories on the Menu

Calories on the Menu is a training course for Caterers and Restaurateurs the teaches how to do just that. Details of the course can be found at this link.

Via MenuWise™ we also provide bespoke training for Caterers and Restaurateurs who want to learn how to calculate Guideline Daily Amounts and traffic lights.